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This is a Tour

A Tour is a travel planning ready to be booked. You can build the trip of your dreams collecting the experiences shared by other travelers through photos and videos (so called Shards). Each shared Shard relates to a place and/or a service offered in a given place. For instance you may plan the Shard of a restaurant and another one of an hotel. Just drag & drop them into the interactive timeline to build an itinerary route. You could then add your preferred transport modes to reach the associated destinations, the passengers, fill in the departure date, nights to stay and book all.

Be ready for departure!

Drag and drop your life to build your next dream vacation. Travel is a game to play with your friends.

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What’s a Shard?

Each time you share a photo on Wayonara, you help other travellers to discover new places. A Shard is a user-generated tagged content which Wayonara uses to build itinerary routes.

What’s a Board?

A Board is a wishlist where you can collect and save the Shards you like most and then turn into a travel itineraries:¬†places to visit, things to do… Everything in the right place!

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