Planning a Tour with Wayonara is your next level experience. Have you ever wondered how to build a trip starting from what your friends have shared? Now you can. Collect all the places you love most and turn them into a bookable itinerary.

Check out our video tour “How to create a Tour on Wayonara”.

Here is a step-by-step procedure available for desktop devices.


Plan a Tour from zero

You may choose to plan a new Tour from zero clicking on “Plan a Tour” button available from the User’s menu.


Plan a Tour saving a Shard

You may Plan a Tour starting from saving a Shard that you love. Just click the PLAN icon (circled in red). A light view pops up, select the tab TOURS to save the Shard in an existing Tour or click +CREATE to add a new tour. Just choose a title and a description for your new Tour and submit. A confirmation message will be displayed in the bottom. Now you can continue adding other Shards or start building a planning.


Build your Itinerary

Go to your Profile page and find your new Tour, for example “Destination Lima”. By default a Tour is set as a Draft (not public).


To open your Tour click on it and then click on EDIT. A dialogue window is displayed with two options:

  • editing a Tour
  • editing the presentation (cover, shard)

Click on the left option to open the TravelBuilder© tool. Here you can find the saved Shards, import them from your wall or search within Wayonara. Click on +ADD to add more Shards.

Now you can choose the latest planned Shard, search or import from your diary. Each selected Shard is also displayed at the bottom. Once you have finished close this page clicking on the X (top/right).


Drag & Drop your Shards

Build a Tour is fun and easy: just drag & drop each place in the active area to organize your itinerary. If you are building a roundtrip, remember to drag&drop your departure city two times for example: Rome > Paris > Rome. Once you have choosen your preferred order, move your mouse between the places to add your preferred transport mode. This action in mandatory if you’d like to quote a flight or a train.


Quote your trip

Once you have built your itinerary route adding your preferred transport modes, just click on the transit icon to start quoting or access a saved quotation previously. If you haven’t quoted any travel solution yet, just click on “QUOTE NOW”, insert the departure and return date if any and run the search. Retrieving data may require up to 30 seconds due to the large number of service provider queried.


Save your preferred travel solution

Once results have been displayed, you could refine your search ordering or filtering results. Wayonara is based on a multimodal engine which compare and combines different transport modes. By default, Wayonara displays your selected transport modes, for example flights. If you want to expand the number of results just select additional transports from the left sidebar so you can compare different transportations.

You may click on “SHOW DETAILS” to display transfer, waiting times and carrier informations. Not all the travel solutions displayed are sold by Wayonara but we include in results for your information.

If you find the desidered connection, you may save the price. Be aware that saving prices does not involve an obligation to purchase and it is not an option to keep prices fixed. They can change but an alert message will be displayed during the reservation process.


Add Passengers

You may add passengers to your Tour clicking on the Passenger button on the topbar.

You may add both registered user than not registered yet. Only registered users may optimize your Tour. For example, if you travel with babies or children, you may use the not-registered option to add them.

You may assign a role to each passenger:

  • Owner (He can add passengers and edit the Tour)
  • Editor (He can edit the Tour)
  • Passenger (No changes allowed)


Book your tickets

Ready to depart? Click on transit icon to retrive the saved price and click on the green BOOK button to start the reservation procedure. Take with you your ID card or Passport and fill all the required forms.


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