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Wayonara engineering is based on the principles of rapid development, continuous deployment and individual responsibility. We’re looking for passionate, motivated and talented employees to help us make Wayonara bigger, better and faster!

What can be more nerdy than coding something new? If you love to deliver beautiful software for an innovative project join our nerd family. Facing hard challenges and new technologies, makes a team great!

Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Cloud Architect
iOS Mobile Developer
Android Mobile Developer

Great jobs for people who love to travel. If you are passionate about communication as well as numbers, the marketing team suits you perfectly!

Marketing Director
Marketing Manager
UX/UI Designer
SEO Manager
Content Manager
Community Manager
Product Manager
ADV Sales Agent
ADV Trafficker

If you are passionate about traveling and exploring new opportunities, our Support Team suits you. Customer service job can be highly stressful but we deliver dream trips to our users so be part of their happiness!

Director, OTA (Online Travel Agency)
Travel Agent

Business is business but if you dream of quitting your job and hopping on a plane to see the world, consider one of these career opportunities. With the right skill sets, you could put yourself on a career path that allows you to frequently visit different locations as part of your job requirements!

Chief Financial Officer
Business Developer

If you love traveling and work in an innovative fast-paced company, be part of our team. Behind every successful project there is always a great staff!

Human Resources

We want to reinvent the way people build their own experiences. If you like challenges, love travelling and working in a fast paced environment, join our fresh and talented team now!

Contamination is the key and being open-minded and inclusive is our philosophy. We believe in meritocracy and we reward goal achievement based on ability and talent. Competitive salary, a great lunch, cakes and coffees included!

Our Italian branch is headquartered at Tiscali Open Campus, few minutes from Cagliari downtown and close to Elmas airport. A sunny and warm place, full of stunning beaches, wild nature, nice people and great food! What else?

Ever worked in Sardinia? Discover our wild nature!

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