Share your experience on Wayonara and help other people to discover new places, hotels, restaurants or things to do. Experience matters and Wayonara enable its users to live it again. No shared photos will be lost, and Wayonara makes them bookable. All your experiences in a unique place.

Let your experience becomes the experience of other travellers

Then build the trip of your dreams through the experiences shared by other travellers like you. Your contribution is important: the experience is knowledge and with Wayonara you make it re-liveable. Drag & drop your life, share your world, invite your friends to do so and earn Wayonara credits to save on your next trip.

Each moment is worth sharing


Join our community

Wayonara is invite-only and you need an invitation to join our community. If you don’t know any registered user you may ask for an invitation at and fill the early access form with your email. From time to time, we invite new users to subscribe. If you have received and invitation, follow the instructions. Remind to choose a unique Username which will be used to compose your public Profile URL address such as Please don’t choose any well-known brand as username to stay out of trouble!


Follow places and travellers

Once registered, the onboarding procedure starts showing you the most interesting Wayonara features. We suggest you to follow some places and travelers to start receiving their updates in your wall. Don’t miss any update and discover new places to visit and experiences to do!


Invite your friends

Invite your friends to receive their updates, incoming trips and get inspired. If you love travelling don’t miss our referral program! Earn Wayonara credits inviting your friends: special discounts for you and your referee.


Share your first Shard

Inspire and get inspired. Your experience matters and what you share helps other travellers to build their next trips. Sharing a photo on Wayonara in simple: just click on “Add a Shard” button to open the uploader.
You now may choose one of the following actions:

  • upload photos from your device
  • drag & drop from your desktop to the Shard window
  • copy & paste an external URL address to bookmark a website page

Before submitting the Shard, describe your photo and add the location. Done! Depending on the size of your file, the uploading may take a while to display your shared content.


Save or Plan Shards

Life is a social wall! Inspire and get inspired: scroll, comments, like, save or plan. When you a find a Shard that inspire you most, you may save it creating a thematic board or planning a tour. All those actions start clicking on PLAN icon. A dialogue window will appear. Just choose the destination of your content:

  • create a new Board, for example “Place to visit”
  • create a new Tour, for example ” My next Paris getaway”
  • save in an existing Board
  • save in an existing Tour

Boards are your wishlists where you can collect what you love, your next destinations to visit or experiences to have. It’s up to you, be creative!

If you are going to visit a place, you can start planning a Tour where you can collect the places to visit, build your travel plan, quote your preferred transport modes, add passengers, optimize your journey with your friends and book hotels and tickets.


Build a Tour

Building a Tour with Wayonara is your next level experience! Have you ever dreamed to plan a trip after liking a stunning photos shared by your friends? Just collect the Shards you like most in a Tour and decide your preferred order to visit. An interactive timeline – available in your Tour view – will help you to turn all the collected Shards into departure or destination points. Just drag & drop them into the timeline and choose the chronological order. You can also add your preferred transport modes to reach your destination. Compose your travel plan alone or with your friends adding them as passengers.

At any time you may decide to Publish your Tour and make it public or keep it confidential. The Publish option is available in the header from the Tour in edit mode.


Quote a Tour

To quote a Tour click on the transit icon available on the selected Timeline. A quotation form will be displayed. Just fill in the forms with your departure and return date (if roundtrip). Choose the travel solution that fits you most and save the price. Saved prices may vary from time to time, so before booking your tickets we check fares/rates again. If the price is changed you may choose another travel solution or book it anyway.


Book a Tour

Once you have built you Timeline, added your preferred transport modes and your travel friends, you may proceed to quote, save and book your tickets.

  1. Choose you preferred transport modes moving the on-screen pointer over the Timeline, between two Places. A small “+” will pop up, indicating what options are available when clicking the mouse button.
  2. Click on the added transport modes. A search interface is displayed.
  3. Fill the forms with your dates and submit the query. Displaying results may take up to 30 seconds since Wayonara queries many providers to get availability and prices.
  4. Save the travel solution that fits you most.
  5. Click on BOOK to start reservation process.
  6. Check again your booking before proceeding from the recap page.
  7. Fill the forms with all the required informations. They are mandatory to perform the reservation and contact you in case of necessity.
  8. If the transaction and reservation procedure succeed, your itinerary resume with the booking reference will displayed. Please take note of it. Your booking reference will also be available from My Booking section in your profile. A recap email will be sent to all included passengers, including a PDF attachment in case of ticketless PNR. Be aware that you need to check-in for flights from the airline company’s website/app or at the airport.


Share your Tour

Live your adventure, take a lot of photos and share your experience on Wayonara adding single Shards or uploading up to 10 photos per submission from the Tour in Edit mode.

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Quote single routes to combine multimodal itineraries: e.g. LCC flight + scheduled flight + train + BlaBlaCar, etc.

How to quote a Roundtrip

Build and quote a roundtrip to book unimodal or intermodal itinerary: e.g. flight/train + flight, flight/flight, train/train.

Check out our how-to guides

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Share a Shard

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Create a Board

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