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Wayonara is the first social-commerce dedicated to travel and lifestyle, a B2B2C marketplace where everyone can share photos or videos, and use them to plan or buy directly a given service or product. Simply find inspiration, get updates following friends, travellers, brands, destinations or just tags, plan your days or holidays and save money on your bookings in an engaging way. In short, each content shared or published ceases to be a simple object of contemplation or inspiration to become an interactive brick of the users travel experience.
Wayonara started as a research project for the development of an intermodal selling platform, backed with EU funds by Sardegna Ricerche, a Sardinian public entity for Research & Development who launched the first online newspaper in Europe under the direction of the Noble Prize Carlo Rubia.

Why Wayonara is so unique?

Wayonara makes the magic: It matches each shared photo with relevant informations useful to plan a trip (e.g. place, weather conditions, directions, fares, etc.) and it manages the available tags to trigger a booking or a purchase. Just tap a photo to book every kind of transportation, hotel, sharing-economy service, equipment or appareal. Wayonara turns any wish list of collected photos into travel itineraries that can be booked and purchased in a single click and then easily passed on to friends and followers!

Why Wayonara?

Wayonara is the brain child of the founders Carlo & Salvatore. Salvatore also gave the exotic and inspiring name to the project as the merger between “sayonara”, the Japanese word to say “goodbye”, and “way”, that echoes the transports and the different ways to travel.


Wayonara engineering is based on the principles of rapid development, continuous deployment and individual responsibility. Our technology has been entirely developed in house and is therefore completely unique, powering the typical engagement of a social network with the selling attitude of an online travel agency. It consists of two mutually complementary patent pending platforms: the UGC Planning Tool and the Intermodal Selling Platform.

UGC Planning Tool

The User-Generated Content oriented travel Planning Tool enables users to build their dream trips through the contents shared by other users. Wayonara enables users to seamlessly and dynamically build any itinerary using the experiences
and the contents shared by other users, in a fun, easy and innovative way.

Intermodal Selling Platform

The Intermodal Selling Platform enables users to search, quote, build and book feasable itinerary routes with different means of transport. Its hybrid approach allows to compute real time availability with scheduled connections to deliver a comprehensive door-to-door experience as long as new suppliers are integrated.

IT Registered Office

Nextop Italia SRL
Via Giorgio Asproni, 28
07100 Sassari


Wayonara C/O Tiscali Open Campus
Strada Statale 195 Km 2.300
09123 Cagliari

UK Registered Office

Nextop LTD C/O Michael Filiou Plc
Salisbury House, 81 High Street
Potters Bar, Herts, EN6 5AS


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